Lighting in a Planted Aquarium

There are many misconceptions regarding the light requirements of a planted aquarium. This causes no end to grief for the hobbyists who follow the so-called rules without understanding some of the fundamental principles of plant physiology and photosynthesis. Hobbyist are typically instructed to use “as much light as possible” or to “upgrade their current poor … Read more

How To Set Up A C02 Enriched Planted Aquarium

In this article we’ll provide a basic template for starting a CO2 enriched planted tank. We’ll make a couple of assumptions and will address any differences from these assumptions after the main article. Assumption #1: CO2 enrichment will primarily be by gas cylinder injection and using a timer solenoid to regulate the injection schedule of … Read more

How to Add Plants to the Aquarium

There are a variety of aquatic plant types. The method used to add them to the aquarium depends on the type of structure. The three main categories are: Plants having roots. Epiphitic plants which have few roots or no roots at all. Floating plants.  Plants Having Roots Rooted plants are typically inserted directly into the … Read more

7 Things You Need To Know About Drop Checkers

Mastering CO2 is the most important skill in a high tech planted tank. Plants use the energy of light to strip Carbon from Carbon Dioxide. The Carbon is then used to fabricate Carbohydrates. Sugar is a fundamental Carbohydrate and plants combine Phosphate with Carbon to build a nutritious sugar. It is this Phosphate Sugar that … Read more

Guide to cylinder connections

Confused about CO2 cylinder types and connections? There are quite a few Different types of cylinder available for us to use in our aquariums and people are often confused as to which type of cylinder and what connections it may use. These can be split into 2 main types Standard refillable cylinders including CO2 Fire … Read more

When turning working pressure knob down, pressure is not changing

This situation happens with Pro-SE regulators as well as Pro-Elite. When lowering working pressure you need to wait till pressure escapes from the regulator. Just make sure to keep solenoid and needle valve open. The best practice is to remove bubble counter/tubing from the needle valve fully open needle valve switch ON solenoid now you … Read more